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Sharjah Sustainable City Hosts Civil Engineering Students And Faculty From American University of Sharjah

Press Releases April 1, 2022

Students and faculty from Department of Civil Engineering at AUS, who are also members of Civil Engineering Honor Students (CEHS), visit Sharjah Sustainable City

Initiative strengthens collaboration with AUS to promote SSC as a knowledge destination for the next generation of sustainability professionals in the UAE

Sharjah Sustainable City, an eco-friendly community developed by Sharjah Investment and Development Authority (Shurooq) in partnership with Diamond Developers, last week hosted a delegation of students and faculty from the American University of Sharjah (AUS), who toured the project site to gain familiarity with sustainability concepts and their integration with the urban landscape, as well as their positive impact on the environment.

Thirteen students from the Department of Civil Engineering at AUS, who are also members of the student organisation Civil Engineering Honor Students (CEHS), attended the site visit, during which they toured a show eco friendly villas in Sharjah and the solar-powered biodomes that offer facilities for urban farming to residents to create a self-sustainable community.

The tour was designed to offer the students real-world insights into the application of sustainable development theories in real estate projects and their practical implementation in integrated communities. Students were not only able to delve deep into several areas of civil engineering, including environmental, construction, and transportation fields, but also acquired insights into developing a sustainable community.

They were accompanied by Professor Aqeel Mohammed Taher, Professor of Practice at the Department of Civil Engineering, AUS, while the tour was hosted by Carl Atallah, Marketing Director at Sharjah Sustainable City, and Karim El-Jisr, Chief Sustainability Officer at Diamond Developers.

Commenting on the visit, Carl Atallah, Marketing Director at Sharjah Sustainable City said: “In line with our commitment to promote Sharjah Sustainable City as a knowledge destination for integrated development, we are delighted to host another delegation from the American University of Sharjah. The visit represents a dynamic opportunity to share our practical experience that complements the theoretical knowledge that the bright minds have acquired from classes, and enrich their understanding about one of the leading sustainable projects in the region. This visit strengthens our collaboration with AUS, one of the leading educational institutions in the region, to support research and learning around sustainable communities for the next generation of sustainability professionals.”

During the tour, students were introduced to the masterplan and technical information of Sharjah Sustainable City, highlighting the importance of incorporating sustainability in civil engineering projects in the UAE. They also learned about the core sustainable areas of the project – including environment, food, energy, water, product, and mobility.

Commenting on the visit, Professor Aqeel Mohammed Taher said: “This educational tour of Sharjah Sustainable City offered invaluable real-world data and applications of sustainable practices in real-estate development for our students. The rich insights gained from this tour will encourage their thinking on integrated communities through the three pillars of environmental, social, and economic suitability, and enable them to incorporate sustainability principles into real estate projects of the future.”

A delegation of students and faculty from the Master of Urban Planning programme at AUS visited Sharjah Sustainability City last year to learn about the practical implementations of sustainable development theories on housing communities.

Developed by Sharjah Investment and Development Authority (Shurooq) in partnership with Diamond Developers, Sharjah Sustainable City (SSC) is a world-class mixed-use development that meets the highest standards of social, environmental and economic sustainability, integrating technology and design to drive the journey towards a net-zero lifestyle across the community.

Providing practical solutions on food security, water and energy management, and natural resources conservation, Sharjah Sustainable City is leading the global movement towards sustainable living by creating a working model of future cities. As the first fully sustainable community in Sharjah, the city is powered by renewable energy produced from rooftop solar panels, recycles its water and waste, and cultivates vegetables on site.

With amenities such as EV charging stations, parks, gyms, swimming pool and walking/cycling paths spanning the community, Sharjah Sustainable City is designed to encourage walkability and the use of clean mobility, embracing the concept of “living locally” in a fully integrated, net-zero community offering a vibrant and sustainable lifestyle.