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Sharjah Sustainable City Empowers Residents with Waste Management Workshop

Events July 8, 2023

Sharjah Sustainable City recently hosted an impactful waste management workshop for its residents, aiming to promote responsible waste disposal and sustainable practices within the community.

In collaboration with Dulsco, Sharjah Sustainable City’s waste management partner, the workshop provided residents with an informative session on waste segregation and recycling. The participants were engaged in educational games, including the interactive “Choose the Right Bin” activity, which made the learning experience enjoyable for the residents.

During the workshop, Dulsco also showcased their unique traveling recycling bus that collects recyclable waste from communities.

The primary objectives of the workshop were to emphasize individual responsibility in waste management and to provide clear guidelines on sorting different types of waste, such as mixed recyclables, organic waste, and residuals. Each villa in Sharjah received three segregation boxes designed to match the outdoor waste streams, making waste sorting more accessible and convenient for the residents.

Every individual plays a crucial role in the quest for a cleaner world. By encouraging residents to adopt proper waste-sorting practices, Sharjah Sustainable City seeks to foster a sense of accountability and environmental consciousness within the community, thus making a positive impact on the environment.