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How to Finance Your Villa Purchase in Sharjah: A Guide to Mortgages and Loans

September 6, 2023

Are you dreaming of owning a luxurious villa in Sharjah? Whether it’s your first home or an addition to your property portfolio, Sharjah offers an array of beautiful villas waiting to be called your home.

Financing this dream may seem challenging, but with the proper understanding of mortgages and loans, your villa purchase in Sharjah can become a smooth and achievable reality.

In this guide, we’ll delve into different types of mortgages, from fixed rates to offset mortgages. It will also explore the potential of personal loans as an alternative financing solution.

Understanding Mortgages and Loans for Villa Purchase in Sharjah

Property buyers have a plethora of options when financing villas in Sharjah. Understanding the fundamentals of these financial instruments and the way they work is paramount to making an informed decision.

Mortgages, the most common form of housing finance, are loans for purchasing real estate. They usually extend for long periods, often up to 30 years, with the purchased villa as collateral.

On the other hand, personal loans can also help finance your villa purchase. However, they usually come with higher interest rates and shorter repayment terms than mortgages.

Mortgage Affordability Factors

The bank uses several factors to determine your borrowing capacity. These factors include your monthly income, current debts, employment status, property value, age, lifestyle factors such as dependents and general living expenses, and credit score.

A critical aspect that banks look at is your Debt Burden Ratio (DBR), which refers to the percentage of your total income used to repay debts, including mortgages, credit cards, and loans.

Per UAE Central Bank regulations, your DBR should not exceed 50%. A general rule is that your monthly salary should be at least four times higher than your expected monthly mortgage repayments.

Different Types of Mortgages

Understanding the types of mortgages available is critical when financing a villa. There are several types of mortgages that you can consider:

1. Fixed Rate Mortgages
These loans’ interest rate remains the same for a specific period, usually one to five years, providing certainty in your monthly repayments.

2. Variable Rate Mortgages
With variable-rate loans, your monthly repayment amount may change based on the Emirates InterBank Offered Rate (EIBOR).

3. Discounted Rate Mortgages
These mortgages offer a percentage discount on the standard variable rate for a specified period.

4. Offset Mortgages
Some lenders offer an offset mortgage where a saving or current account is linked to your home loan, saving you interest on your loan.

5. Remortgages
Remortgaging involves transferring your existing mortgage to a new lender, usually to secure a lower interest rate or to release equity.

Navigating the Mortgage Landscape in Sharjah

Getting a mortgage in Sharjah can be smooth if you know what to expect. First, you need to identify a suitable lender. Banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions offer varying mortgage options with different interest rates and terms. Carefully compare these options and choose one that aligns with your financial situation and objectives.

Next, determine the amount you can afford. Banks in Sharjah typically lend up to 80% of the villa’s value, meaning you should have at least 20% of the villa’s price as a down payment. Plus, you must factor in extra costs such as property transfer fees, bank fees, and insurance.

Lastly, prepare the necessary documents. Lenders will ask for proof of income, employment status, current debts, and more. Be ready to present these documents to ensure a smooth application process.

Exploring Personal Loans for Villa Financing

If a mortgage isn’t your cup of tea, personal loans offer an alternative solution for financing villas in Sharjah. These unsecured loans mean you won’t need to put your villa or other assets as collateral. However, this lack of security usually results in higher interest rates.

The eligibility criteria for personal loans often include having a good credit score, a steady income, and a low debt-to-income ratio. The borrowing limit might be lower than what you’d get from a mortgage, but it could be a viable option if you seek lower amounts or shorter repayment periods.

Owning a Villa in Sharjah Sustainable City

Special financing options, including Green Mortgages, are becoming increasingly popular for those considering buying a property in UAE. Several banks in the UAE provide attractive mortgage and loan options, including these environmentally-focused financial products, for potential homeowners.

Sharjah Sustainable City aims to promote green living. As a part of this mission, it offers an opportunity for individuals to own villas with sustainability features like solar power and efficient water usage.

Before committing, make sure to assess the financing options thoroughly. Compare the interest rates, tenure, and other terms of the loans provided for Sharjah Sustainable City villas. Always decide based on your financial standing and ability to service the loan without straining your budget.

Securing Your Villa Finance: Next Steps

Once you decide on the type of loan – be it a mortgage or a personal loan – the next step is to apply. Ensure you have all the required documentation, including proof of income and employment, and prepare for any necessary property valuations or inspections.


Following these guidelines can help you secure the necessary financing for your villa in Sharjah, allowing syou to realize your dream of owning a home in this vibrant city. Remember, making informed decisions can go a long way in securing a loan that suits your needs and helps you become a villa owner in Sharjah.